Connecting the world’s brightest minds into one streamlined network capable of tackling any innovation challenge. 


How research institutions use access innovation

Research institutions and companies partner within our technology platform.

As new intellectual property is created, research institutions can decide which innovations should be developed internally or which should be released for commercialization.

Research institutions meet the specific challenges of companies in need of innovation by responding to innovation challenges or sponsored research bids.

Existing and newly-created intellectual property can be effectively commercialized to companies.

Gain risk-free creation and management of new inventions through our platform, which can substantially boost revenue streams.


Featured Research Institution Partners



Benefits for research institutions

Capture new revenue streams

Increase the number of invention disclosures and increase revenue from underutilized intellectual property.

Connect innovation          

We bring qualified commercialization partners who want disruptive, game-changing innovation to you.

Increase number of spin-offs

Intellectual property and patent claims are screened to identify value and fully-fund qualified startup companies.