Access Innovation Announces the Commercial Launch of its Platform of Real World Solutions for Innovators and IP Owners

Access Innovation’s next-generation intellectual property (IP) platform is designed to overcome key obstacles to achieving innovation goals 

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2016 – Access Innovation ( announces today the formal launch of its next-generation intellectual property (IP) platform, which combines proprietary, proven analytics, deep expertise, and a network of global research institutions to enable clients to do more with less in creating, evaluating and managing innovation.  

Access Innovation’s (AI) platform cuts through the costly and complex process of evaluating patent portfolios by applying machine-learning, predictive analytics tools to an indexed database of more than 50 million global patent documents and non-patent literature. AI’s analytics engine is a proven tool for large-scale, detailed analysis of patents and patent portfolios, having historically produced more than 1,000 licensing deals worth more than $700 million.

Access Innovation also unlocks the potential of open innovation for corporations seeking to engage with global research institutions for licensing and sponsored research opportunities. AI pre-qualifies and curates external innovations and innovators using a proprietary platform that is designed to reduce costs and administrative burdens. Historically, this proven platform has led to downstream commercial product sales of more than $200 million.  

“The Access Innovation team is providing both answers and results to our partners, helping them to achieve corporate mandates for innovation within both the commercial licensing and R&D organizations,” says Peter Hardigan, CEO of Access Innovation. “Access Innovation’s platform can unlock significant improvements in financial performance for our partners by creating new opportunities, eliminating risk and reducing costs.”

Following a beta launch in August 2016, AI’s clients today include Fortune 500 enterprises, healthcare institutions, and venture investors who rely on one or more of AI’s subscription-based service offerings: 

Open innovation solutions: AI issues open, targeted or confidential innovation or sponsored research challenges incorporating a competitive bidding process to a pre-qualified network of global research institutions and universities. 

Licensing and investment: AI rapidly assesses the licensing potential and strength of all global patents through proprietary scoring systems and analytical tools designed by seasoned IP investors to provide answers, not analysis. 

Strategy and competitive analysis: AI provides actionable insight into the competitive IP position and strategic opportunities through a suite of unique analytical tools. 

Prosecution and disputes: Partners can rapidly evaluate freedom to operate, potential infringement and invalidity risk for issued, pending and draft patent claims.

The AI Research Network

Access Innovation’s global research network includes more than 90,000 researchers at institutions recognized for leadership in advancing industry R&D and developing commercially relevant IP. Network members present pre-negotiated IP licensing opportunities for review by AI and work with AI to pre-qualify researchers for sponsored research challenges.

Today, AI’s partner institutions include Northwestern University, University College, Dublin, Woods Hole Oceanographic, Washington State University, East Carolina University, University of Wisconsin, and others. Access Innovation is on track to onboard more than 100 more organizations in 2017, which will bring the network to more than 500,000 of the world’s most capable external innovators. 

About Access Innovation

Founded in April 2016 and based in New York, Access Innovation is a next-generation intellectual property platform that uses proprietary software tools designed to disrupt the massive and inefficient innovation marketplace. Access Innovation’s analytics engine has produced more than 1,000 licensing deals worth more than $700 million, and its innovation challenge platform has been used to source IP that led to more than $200 million in sales. Access Innovation has established relationships with global research institutions and universities, integrating this talent into one simple interface that is capable of responding to the innovation demands of partnering companies. Access Innovation charges subscription fees to Fortune 500 clients, earning a share of proceeds from partner institutions that engage in research or licensing through Access Innovation’s streamlined technology platform. Access Innovation powerfully combines technology with deep industry expertise to dramatically improve licensing and external innovation capabilities for its partners. 

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