We provide solutions to your business challenges through our proprietary technology and industry expertise. 

Our IP analytics engine has produced more than 1,000 licensing deals worth more than $700 million.


How companies use Access Innovation

Issue open, targeted or confidential innovation or sponsored research challenges to a qualified, streamlined network of global research institutions.

Understand the licensing value and patent strength of global patents through proprietary scores and analytical tools.

Dive into key metrics of both your and your competitors' intellectual property positions, evaluating IP strengths and opportunities.

Evaluate intellectual property infringement and invalidity risk for issued, pending and draft patent claims.


Benefits for Companies

Actionable IP analysis

Develop a deep understanding of IP as it relates to your business and to the competition.

Effective IP management

Eliminate the cost and complexity of IP management.

Command of commercialization

Maximize the licensing and commercialization potential of IP.

Connect innovation

Unparalleled access to a global network of research institutions capable of solving unique challenges.